Artificial Intelligence in Action: Improving Visibility and Competitiveness in Retail with Advanced KPIs


Through the use of AI-powered technology, it is possible to manage KPIs to drive growth at points of sale

Currently, the retail sector faces the challenge of adapting to the rapid evolution of the market and consumer expectations. In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a transformative tool, particularly in managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the point of sale.

In this regard, one of the most innovative applications of AI in the retail sector is the recognition of products on shelves through photos. This tool is transforming the way companies manage their performance. It enables the taking and processing of shelf photos into data within seconds.

This technological advancement has enabled the establishment of precise and up-to-date KPIs that are essential for effective point-of-sale management. Among the KPIs facilitated by this image recognition technology are:

  • Eye level: This indicator allows you to know if the product assortment is placed at the customer’s eye level, thus maximizing visibility and purchase probability.
  • SKU Availability: Measures the products available on the shelf, essential to ensure that sales are not lost due to lack of assortment.
  • Share of Shelf: Calculates the percentage of products displayed compared to competitors in the store, offering a clear view of the brand’s competitiveness.
  • Brand block: Identifies the products, of a single brand, that occupy a space or block of the shelf, facilitating effective merchandising strategies.
  • Price and promotion monitoring: Allows monitoring shelf tag prices and compliance with promotional prices, ensuring correct communication of value to the customer.
  • POS Material: Identify promotional materials that drive the sale of a product or category, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns at the point of sale.

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How product recognition through photos works

What Ailet offers is a simple process to drive revenue growth based on clear, real-time execution guidelines so store teams know what to do to improve KPIs.


A User takes a photo of the shelf with Ailet mobile app


Products on the shelves are
recognized instantly


Real-time shelf analytics are available for the management team

From AI to precise KPIs for smarter strategies

Leveraging AI in photo or image recognition for KPI implementation empowers CPG companies and retailers with real-time data for informed decision-making. This agility to respond to market dynamics and customer needs not only improves operational efficiency and assortment management but also enhances merchandising and promotion strategies at the point of sale.

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