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ARI – Actionable Retail Intelligence
Series of articles on Retail Industry by Ailet expert in Image Recognition Ertugrul Elmastas
Transforming approaches to data collection and analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Actionable Retail Intelligence (ARI) is a combination of real-time Image Recognition and enhanced Retail Business Analytics, a forward-thinking real-time solution alternative to the manual compilation of retail data for brands, manufacturers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Data is collected real-time at the physical sales points via mobile devices owned by merch/audit teams or via unmanned fixed cameras. Analytics are presented to field team and the HQ instantly as the field operation goes on real-time as well.

ARI helps multiple people across an organisation — including brand managers, category managers, account managers and shopper marketing managers — The result? Individuals can see a constant stream of information about their real-time product and category performance, take actionable decisions without having to look for it.
Gathering data manually is a thing of the past. As brands increase their physical presence and react to the changing consumer purchase patterns caused by the COVID19 pandemic, many are starting to realise that manually collecting data to analyse and assess performance on the physical shelf is no longer viable.
The benefit of having a centralised ARI service means all key stakeholders in the business can get access to one source of information, avoiding and reducing data handling errors and delays due to slow manual processes, make sense of the data, keep track of performance and stay ahead of competitors.

Benefits of ARI

Unsurprisingly, ARI’s biggest benefit is the time saved manually compiling data. Where it was once commonplace to gather data manually and compile it in a spreadsheet, many brands now see this as inefficient — preferring to spend this time on other, more important activities like taking action based on informative data both at the sales point and the HQ. As the compilation of manual data becomes too time-consuming, resource-heavy and slow, top-tier brands with an expanding physical shelf presence may find it impossible to work without ARI.
The second benefit of ARI is the ability to improve analytical accuracy and, ultimately, your understanding of your real-time physical performance in categories across the physical shelf. Automated IR data is void of human error, and it is constantly updating, providing you with a real-time snapshot of where your products sit in comparison to competitors’. The fluidity of this data makes it easier to spot trends, survey price changes and make data-driven decisions. Rather than focusing on a static document, ARI presents an ever-changing flow of accurate information that better suits the fast-paced nature.

Lastly, ARI empowers you to track the real-time physical performance with fully visualised category data insights. Information that would once be missed in the manual process is now accessible at all times.
Integrating ARI into your existing workflow, you’ll quickly start seeing progress. The time spent gathering data can be better spent responding to it, taking a profit-focused action and learning more from your customers.

Ertugrul Elmastas

Ailet Turkey

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