It is official
Ailet in Brazil!


After we look back on Ailet participating at APAS SHOW, alongside with our partners at GM Promo, we are thrilled to announce Ailet entry into the Brazilian market. We have contacted several retail players, presented our solutions, represented our technologies and managed to strengthen relationships with professionals who are anticipating the next step in success-driven retail execution.

The awareness we achieved by joining forces with our partners was a great achievement, not only taking the concept of Execution in Retail and taking state-of-the-art technology in the form of presentation and openness, but actually creating connections and advancing in large projects with companies that turned into partners.

With a great reach out, we have already engaged with partners in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Europe, and the Middle East, reducing operational costs and significantly increasing profits of large CPG companies. We are highlighting the value of this technology to companies who want to be one step ahead when it comes to Retail Execution and achieve the best possible performance at the POS, as well as bring clarity and increase productivity when it comes to retail audits.

Ailet has been boosting sales and making a difference in retail, working directly with the positioning of brands on the shelf, ensuring more efficient execution and increasing numbers and results at the POS.
Delivering the best of the 2nd LARGEST COMPANY IN IMAGE RECOGNITION THROUGH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE WORLD to Brazil is Ailet’s main objective, optimizing the industry’s work with precision and speed in retail execution at an affordable price.

Count on Ailet team in making the most ambitious strategies an achievable goal. Let’s turn incredible ideas into reality together!

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