AI-driven solutions for visual
consistency across the entire
retail chain

In the intricate world of retail, the layout of product shelves plays a pivotal role in attracting customers, optimizing sales, and enhancing the overall shopping experience. However, the challenges associated with ensuring planogram compliance have long posed a significant hurdle for retailers.

Retailers see up to 9% increase in sales by ensuring correct product placement

Planogram Compliance: A Complex Puzzle

The task of achieving and maintaining planogram compliance is laden with complexities that impact a retailer’s ability to maximize sales and customer satisfaction. Traditional planogram compliance relies on manual inspection, leaving room for human error. Even well-trained in store teams may struggle to accurately identify deviations from the intended shelf layout. The following lines will show the most cases as a result of the complexity.

1.Frequent Changes:

Retail environments are dynamic, with planograms frequently changing to accommodate new product launches, promotions, or seasonal shifts. Ensuring consistent compliance across all stores becomes a monumental challenge.

2.Multiple Store Locations:

Retail chains often operate across multiple locations, making it difficult to ensure uniform planogram compliance.

3.Complexity of Layouts:

Modern retail stores house a wide range of products, each with its own specific placement requirements. Manually ensuring proper positioning for every product within the planogram is a meticulous task.

4.Customer Experience:

A misaligned shelf layout can confuse customers, making it harder for them to find products and leading to potential frustration and decreased sales.

Unscrambling the Complex Puzzle

Incredibly in-app AI-guided photo capture and execution bring a revolutionary solution to the challenges of the planogram compliance checks. All of this is supported by the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to redefine how shelves are monitored and maintained.
Improved Execution for in-store Teams:
Compared to the traditional planogram execution, incorporating AI in the process brings significant benefits for the in-store teams. Starting with the automated realogram/planogram compliance check and finishing with the at-the-shelf instructions on how to correct shelf-layout inaccuracies. Simply with a photo of the shelf.
Real-Time Compliance Management Checks:
After execution, due the compliance checks, which can be carried out by the managers via web-portal without additional store visits. For this process, AI offers virtual audits, where the photos taken by the in-store teams, while carrying out the compliance tasks, can be used as a reference.
Efficiency and Scalability:
The technology enables in-store teams to efficiently assess planogram compliance across multiple store locations. This scalability ensures consistent shelf layouts and reduces the time and resources required.
Rapid Adaptation:
As planograms change, AI-powered compliance check can promptly identify any discrepancies and guide store staff to swiftly adjust shelf layouts. This agility ensures that changes are implemented without delay.
Improved Customer Experience:
Proper planogram compliance results in a well-organized store layout that enhances the customer shopping experience. Customers can easily locate products, fostering a positive impression and driving increased sales.

One of our clients, a top 3 world’s largest retail chains has achieved astonishing results straight from the first 6 weeks of the launch.

Skyrocketing planogram compliance rate from 50% to 90% across 30 stores included in the pilot

By eliminating the reliance on manual inspection, AI ensures accurate detection of planogram non-compliance. This reduces the risk of human error and guarantees precise adherence to the intended shelf layout.

The challenges of achieving planogram compliance have met their match in the form of AI-guided in-app photo capture. This cutting-edge technology is poised to reshape the landscape of retail by ensuring proper shelf layouts, improving customer experiences, and driving sales. By seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, retailers can overcome the complexities of planogram compliance, creating a more efficient, accurate, and customer-centric shopping environment. As the industry embraces this transformative solution, the future of planogram compliance shines brightly, setting the stage for a new era of success and profitability in the competitive world of retail.