Unlocking the mystery of store shelves
Ailet (ex. Intelligence Retail) was founded in 2016 and has already built our presence in target markets Russia &CIS, Brazil & Latin America, Turkey & Middle East.
We provide tailored, data-driven digital merchandising solutions that reduce retail audit costs, drive sales, boost profitability, and build customer loyalty. Leveraging our deep expertise in computer vision and AI, our solutions help consumer goods companies improve their retail execution process and unlock revenue opportunities with innovative market measurement services.
"When you next go shopping, glance at the shelves around you: the options are endless. Today's consumers face so many choices that it can be hard for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to keep track of their products."
With Ailet, sales representatives receive actionable product information including out-of-shelf, share of shelf, planogram, pricing, and promotional compliance. All delivered within seconds on their mobile, right in front of the shelf
Our mission and key goal are to deliver sales efficiency through innovation, amazing products, and practices. Our tool automatically calculates each metric in real time based on shelves' pictures letting your salesforce focus on shelf and execution
Sergei Baramzin
Ailet CPO&Founder
Ailet' credentials include solutions for Fortune 1000 brands and grocery retailers, including global market leaders. We are proud to work with world known brands like Danone, X5 Retail group, Moscow Beer Company etc.
Sergei Baramzin
Maxim Morozov
Egor Prokhorenko
Olga Pilshikova
Evgeny Mataev